200+ Hover Effects

Image Hover Styles provides 200+ hover styles to use on your images. You can apply multiple styles on different pages to make them look more and more beautiful.

34 Effect Categories

We’ve categorized the effects for you. You can choose effects from 34 different categories. Here’s the previews of the very first effect from each category for you to get an idea of what each category effect will look like:

Push, Slide, Reveal, Fade, Hinge, Flip,  Shutter, Fold, Zoom, Blur, Blocks, Strip,  Pixel, Pivot, Throw In, Throw Out, Blinds, Border, Image Zoom, Book, Circles,  Shift, Bounce, Fall Away, Modal Slide, Modal Hinge,  LightSpeed, Gradient, Parallax,  Stack, Cube, Dive, Switch, Flash